Picture Editing with Picasa 3.9 (Mac & PC)

Picasa is a great free photo editing and organizing program made available by Google. It’s great for adding quick effects, straightening, cropping, or recoloring your photos. Picasa also includes a great collage tool, in which you can quickly and easily create picture collages and manipulate the layout. Adjust the lighting, add a vignette, or make your photo look HDR-ish. Can’t add the effect you want in Picasa? – Open the picture in Picasa and then click the “Edit in Picnik “ button for more advanced capabilities. Picnik is an online editor that provides many picture effects for free but has advanced effects for paid subscribers.

Picasa 3.9 Screen Capture

The new version of Picasa also allows for side-by-side editing. This program is my personal favorite quick fix program for pictures if I don’t want to spend the time editing them in Photoshop. In comparison to other programs, Picasa is somewhat similar to iPhoto ’11 on the Mac platform and has more notable features than Windows Live Photo Gallery on the PC.

Picasa 3.9 Screen Capture 2
Click here to download Picasa.


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